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Unique experiences

Every individual is different, nobody has the same taste. Some people like art and prefer visiting all the important museums in the Netherlands. Other travelers are fond of nature and want to explore all the national parks in this country such as the Veluwe and the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. There are tourists who wish to taste local dishes and dedicate their trip to restaurant-hopping. At Dutch Tours and Transfers, we understand this. That’s why we offer you the possibility to craft your own perfect day trip, personally tailored to meet your travel dreams. A combination of your personal wishes and our expertise with the ultimate unique experience as a result.



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Endless possibilities

Do you want to learn how to make cheese or wooden clogs? We will arrange a workshop for you. Would you like to furnish your new apartment back home with your own crafted Blue Delft tiles? Your private chauffeur guide will drive you to the Royal Delft Experience where you will paint your own delftware. Furthermore, Dutch Tours and Transfers crosses borders too. Let us know what you would like to see in Europe, our travel expert will help you design your private tour.

Personal adventure

We have had people with very personal stories. Some had come to the Netherlands to find their family roots, others had family members who served in World War II and wanted to visit their graves. We have had travellers with unique requests too, such as romantic wedding proposals. The staff of Dutch Tours and Transfers does not know of limits. Our team is devoted to make your trip the ultimate experience, no matter what the reason for your travel is. From day trips to weddings and from helicopter tours to waffle making, together we will make it an everlasting memory. Even if you’re not quite sure yet of what you want to do exactly, our team will assist you and give you options. Your tour, our expertise.