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Dutch Tours and Transfers offers fun and exciting day trips from Amsterdam. You have the choice to book an existing tour from Amsterdam or compose your own tailor-made day trip from Amsterdam. The Dutch Tours and Transfers experience is an all-inclusive one. You’ll be escorted by knowledgeable and courteous local chauffeurs and find yourself surround by luxury in a premium vehicle. Our divers have got a high level of general knowledge about the various cities in the Netherlands and beyond. In case you’d want a PTGAA certified destination tour guide, we will arrange an accredited guide.



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Most customers are extremely satisfied with the day trips from Amsterdam offered. The experienced private drivers in our network are professional but fun. They’ll smoothly adapt to your travel wishes and bring you wherever you want to go. As our knowledgeable chauffeurs have not followed specific tour guide courses, you might want to gain more in-depth information about a topic or a region. If you want to enrich your tour from Amsterdam with information about a very specific theme, let us know. We will contact professional tour guides in our network. May it be a diamond tour in Antwerp or a treasure hunt for Gothic architecture in Cologne, we want to offer you the perfect experience.

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Enjoy your holidays and your day trip from Amsterdam without worrying about a PTGAA certified tour guide. As we’ve been in the business for years already, we have developed a vast network of travel agencies and destination specific tour guides. Depending on which tour(s) from Amsterdam you pick, we’ll book a destination tour guide according to your interests. When you decide to add a personal guide through Dutch Tours and Transfers, you’ll save money and time. We want to provide you with the best travel experience in Amsterdam and beyond.